Natural ventilating system refers to a system that allows outdoor air to get into the living space like your house or building without any help from air conditioning units or any other mechanical device. It simply underlines natural concept in circulating the air. This can be applied since planning phase as well as on house or building that already exist. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, the following tips will help you.

Cover Ground Wisely
There are many ways to cover your ground now. If you want best choice, it should be grass or material that absorb very little of heat. It makes the air a lot cooler without you know it.

Mound the Earth
This concept is not entirely new on garden landscaping. In fact, your gardener can do it for you. This concept surprisingly helps the air circulation. It helps your environment to breath. You will feel it most during the summer.

Add Water Element
Yes, this Asian concept is very helpful. A natural ventilating system needs pool, ponds, or fountains so the air can cool down first before it gets inside your house or building. Plus, you will like the look, right?

Low Heat Retention Outdoor Furniture
Instead of using something hard that absorbs a lot of heat, you should try bamboo or wicker. There are many choices of stylish furniture from these materials. It is low heat retention, and it helps in creating good air flow.

Opened Window
Window that is regularly opened is needed for a natural ventilating system. It helps the circulation, and in the end, it helps improving the quality of your indoor air. You can open them during the day.

Install High Window
Old houses always have perfect circulation due to their high windows. You may want to install the same, at least 3.6 feet. Besides encouraging the circulation, these windows also reduce significant amount of heat load on your ceiling.

Install Air Deflector
Air deflector also encourages circulation for your indoor air. It will be best place higher than the window so it can redirect the motion of the air flow. Any position of the deflector is fine either way for the natural ventilating system.

Have Clerestories
Clerestories improve the movement of the air. It also serves as a space for the hot air to accumulate and as a vent. In addition to it, you will enjoy the illumination it creates.

Change Your Window Orientation
The best orientation for windows is north and south unless you have aesthetic reasons. Its work felt best during the summer. These orientation draws air circulation and movement in the right way in the right degree you want.

Add Open Spaces
Open spaces like balcony, atrium, or courts are useful in this way too. Beside very functional and beautiful, it serves as space that naturally encourages the outdoor air flow to indoor. It explains why houses or buildings with open spaces are felt comfortable.

Considering the benefits to you and the environment in general, this system is worth the effort. You should encourage green living style and try to adjust on it by applying this natural ventilating system.

10 Tips for Natural Ventilating System