To save water is both easy and hard to do. Water is the precious source that we should treat it well. The WHO suggests that each person should only use two gallons in a day. Moreover, for the hygiene of basic and food need, each person should use five gallons per day.


Here are 11 ways to save water in our home.

  • Flush using a bucket of water

Actually not the literally, you can have a gallon of water then pour it to the toilet in one fell swoop. When the toilet is flushing by itself, depend on your toilet capacity, but normally the flushing uses more than one gallon. It may sound traditional but it is amazing trick to save water and it is really easy.

The next ways are shown the way how you get the bucket flush.

  • Bring a bucket to the shower

When you are waiting for the shower water becomes warm, you can collect the water which drip from the heat. Bring a bucket and place it to save water. The water is so precious. It will depend on how fast the water warms up, the water the bucket collect can be used for toilet flush.

  • Which one: shower or bath?

Taking bath needs 70 gallons of water and shower which last for 5 minutes only needs 10 to 25 gallons. That’s your preference actually, but if you are taking bath don’t just drain the bath. You can use the water for flushing the toilet or watering the plants.

  • Avoid pre-rinse your dishes

Most of the dishwashers don’t need pre-rinse the dishes. It is a good way to save water. Before buying the dishwasher, make sure to read the manual.

  • Load dishwasher correctly

Loading the dishwasher can be right and wrong. If you load wrongly then it can make the dishes still dirty and you need more water to clean them.

  • Fertilizer rather than throwing the garbage removal

Feeding the garbage removal needs a lot of water to finish their task. It also put solid things to the septic tank that can add more problems. For better to save water, you can use the remained food or put them as the fertilizer.

  • Cleanse your produce in a sink

Put the large basin in the sink, fill it with water and wash the produce in it. Next place it in the colander to remove water on the basin. You can save more water and you can use the water for toilet flushes and plants watering.

If you are not satisfied with the draining, you can leave the produce in the colander and put the bucket under it to collect the water.

  • Don’t abandon the pot

After boiling or steaming some cooking such as pasta or others, save water. Cool the water in the pot and use it for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.

  • Be careful of the permanent press cycle

Most of washing machines have the permanent press cycle. When you use this, about five gallons of water are wasted to rinse.

  • Turn off the tap

This may the popular one to save water. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. The standard faucet pour the water is about two gallons in a minute.

It is surprising that actually you save eight gallons of water if you turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. That’s when you brush for two minutes every day. Moreover, for gentleman, wash the razor in stopped water is more recommended than under running water.

  • Repair leaky sinks

This one is so obvious but also very essential. You waste more than 200 gallons of water every day when you have running toilet. For one second you waste one drip. The leak in the faucet can waste 3,000 gallons in one year. It is such a waste. You need plumbing approach, call the plumber and save water.

11 Smart Ways to Save Water At Home