Rubbish bin cleaning will definitely take some of your time and energy, but it can help you save some extra money every month. Rubbish bin is the party center of every germ and bacteria in the planet. Therefore, regular cleaning is very important to keep the bin clean and prevent bacteria related diseases to come into our house.

Yes, cleaning the trash can may seem a little bit disgusting. But if you follow these tips, you can do the cleaning in a more simple way.

Use Double Bag

The hardest part in rubbish bin cleaning is getting rid of the dirt on the bottom of the bin, especially if the bin is deep and huge. The best thing you can do is to keep the trash can clean so you don’t have to clean it very often. You can do it by using double bag for your trash.

If you waste meat or food excess, it is best if you wrap it tightly with additional bag to keep the liquid from dripping down and stain the bottom of your bin. When it is time to get rid of the trash, it will be much easier because you only have to tie the plastic bag and remove it from the bin. With this trick, you don’t have to clean the bin too often. Once every one or two months will be enough.

Lay some Newspaper on the Bottom of the Bin

Trash can is a damp and humid place. Even though you have used two plastic bags, moisture can still be trapped inside the bin and it will accumulate into disgusting stains on the bottom of the bin. Sometimes, accident can happen and the plastic bag is leaking.

To prevent the trash from contaminate the bottom of the bin, you should put some layers of newspaper there. Just like using the bag, it will keep the bin clean so you only need to wash it every once in a while.

Keep the Rubbish Bin Closed

Another important thing in rubbish bin cleaning is to keep the rubbish bin closed. It is important for both indoor and outdoor trash can. Closing the lid of your outdoor rubbish bin will prevent wild cats or other animals from making a mess out of your trashes.

Closing the lid will also prevent flies from coming and lay their eggs on your trashes. After flies, there will be maggot and there is nothing more disgusting than cleaning maggots.

Spray and Sanitize the Bin

Even after those preventive measures, you still need to clean the bin. What you need to do is to heavy spray the inside of the bin to remove the grimes. Empty the bin and scrub it with antibacterial disinfectant and strong cleaning solution. Heavy spray again and leave the bin under the sun until it dries completely.

Don’t forget to disinfect the outer part too, especially the lid since you always need to touch it. Your rubbish bin will be clean and hygienic with these rubbish bin cleaning tips.

4 Ways to Clean Your Rubbish Bin and Keep it Clean All the Time