Caring septic system is not something difficult for homeowners to do. It does not even spend much money. For busy homeowners, sometimes the word “maintenance” makes them restless and imagines something which is tiring and complicated to do. There are important notes related to the maintenance of septic system.

First of all, you need to be aware about some actions and conditions that could lead to septic system failure. Septic system can be broken if it is not located perfectly, designed and installed properly, and maintained adequately. In some cases, solids can also cause troubles if the septic system is blocked by it.

There are easy and effective ways to maintain septic system. What are they?

  • 3 Easy Ways to maintain Septic System

So, there are exactly 3 best ways to maintain septic system. The maintenance should help you to avoid damage, to save more money, and to take care of your health. Most people are not aware that septic system could reduce the value of your house or property. It also requires a lot of money to repair this system.

Septic system failure could contaminate lakes, ground, and streams with viruses, chlorides, bacteria, chemicals, and nitrates. In order to prevent all of those damages, here is the list of things you need to do.

First, you are recommended to pump as well as to inspect the septic system frequently. As homeowners, you should at least inspect this system for at least once in 3 years. If you cannot do that by yourself, you can ask professionals to the inspection.

Commonly, homeowners should pump the septic tanks once in 3 to 5 years. There are four important things that can influence septic pumping frequency, the size of the household, the total of waste from water, the volume of solids, and also the size of the septic tank.

The second thing that you should do is to use water efficiently. Usually, typical single family spends around 70 gallons per person each day. However, if there is a leak or toilet running, you could waste around 200 gallons per day.

If you can control the number of water in the septic system, it would enhance the septic system operation. You can use these simple ways like using high efficiency toilet, be wise in using washing machine, using high efficient faucet as well as showerheads.

Third, you can dispose the water properly. Whatever goes down to pipe from in your toilet will influence the septic system.

  • Some Don’ts!

Ok, here is the fact; there are many homeowners out there who do not care about the cleanness of their toilet. So, they throw everything into the toilet. In this case, as homeowners, you need to be aware that the only things you can throw into the toilet are human waste and toilet paper.

You must never flush oil, flushable wipes, cooking grease, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, cat litter, photographic solutions, paper towels, coffee grounds, pesticides, gasoline, pharmaceutical, paint and thinners.

You need to pay attention to some of other actions like when you park your car. in this case, try not to park your car or even your truck on the septic tank or drain field.

It is also highly recommended for homeowners not to use septic tank additives. Why? The septic tank additives have proven to be harmful. It can block the drain field. You should also think of the chemical ingredients that could harm the ground as well as the surface water.

Well, overall, there are many things that homeowners should pay attention to before the installation of septic system and also after the installation. As homeowners, Caring septic system is a must to avoid troubles.

Best Ways to Maintain Septic System