Heating repair service can cost you hundreds of dollars. When the heating system at your home stops working, it’s not because the machine is damaged. Most of the time, there is actually just a part that’s not working properly. Make sure you check what is going wrong before calling the repairmen. With these 5 simple tips, you can fix your home heating problems yourself, and help you save a lot of money. You can check some of these components:


Checking the thermostat is the thin line between spending lots of money to call heating repair service and fixing the problem yourself. You have to be sure that you have set your thermostat to on. If you have a more complicated thermostat, you also have to be sure that all the settings are right.

Next, you must check the temperature. Set it at your desired temperature. For the first usage, try to set it higher to see if the thermostat is working properly. Sometimes, the thermostat isn’t working because there is no back-up power or some electrical lines are broken. If this is actually the problem, you can fix it very quickly.


If the filters are dirty, the furnace will automatically stop working. So, change or clean the filters from any dirt or debris. Dust can clog the filters and block the airflow. Checking the filters is something you have to do frequently since dust and debris will absolutely appear every time.

Exhaust Fan

Just like the filters, exhaust fan can also get dirty overtime. If it’s dirty, the airflow will be restricted and in result, your heating system will stop working. But unfortunately, dust and debris are not the only things clogging the exhaust fan. In some cases, ice can also block the airflow. This is more complicated matter and if this happens, do call heating repair service.

Drain Lines

This one is also on the more difficult side. So if you find a problem about the drain lines, you may feel more assure calling heating repair service. What you have to do is simply check the pipe for any kind of mold. Water running through the drain lines enables mold to grow. And the mold at some point will clog the lines and make the heating system stop working.


You might accidentally turn the gas off and forget to turn it back on. This simple mistake can lead to huge heating problem in your house. So go check the gas and make sure the valve is turned on. If you have older heating system model, you have to light the pilot light first if it’s not burning.

You can always call expert HVAC service if you want to fix the problem more easily. But imagine how much money you can save by fixing it yourself. You only have to check every component and you can avoid wasting money. Better daily maintenance will also guarantee your furnace works longer. But be careful and don’t do things you can’t handle. If you have checked everything and done heating troubleshooting, but the problem can’t be solved, then it is the right time to call heating repair service.

DIY Heating Troubleshooting