Multimeter is a great testing tool to measure electrical potential (volt), electric current (amp), and electrical resistance (ohm). This device is a handy tool used by any electrician everywhere; however, you can use multimeter for basic troubleshooting of your home appliances or some of kid toys your children have.

From time to time, you may find one of your appliances that doesn’t work properly. From the signs showed by your appliance, you want to know whether it needs repair or not. Calling a repairman immediately is a sound option, but you actually can do a simple test to check the condition of your appliance by using a multimeter.

You can diagnose the performance of your appliances simply by checking electrical resistance of their circuits. To check the resistance of an appliance, the first thing to do is turn off power so that there is no power connected to the circuit. Switch the function of multimeter to ohmmeter (“Ω”), then you can test the resistance of the circuit of your appliance. After that, you can compare the result with electrical specification of your appliance in the manual book from the vendor. If the result shows a good result, it probably your appliance is in good condition and vice versa.

Well, it isn’t always a good idea to do DIY troubleshooting if you don’t have required skills, especially if the appliances use high power to operate such as major appliances that use AC voltage, they reserves considerable amount of electrostatic that can be dangerous for people. In this case, you better call a repair service to handle the jobs of checking and repairing.

If you want to measure electrical current, you need to make the device to function as ammeter. Just turn the function switch to the “A=” mark on the dial, and you are now ready to measure amps.

The same thing prevails when you want voltmeter function. You need to move the function switch to “V=”setting. However, you need visualizations which you can get easily from many videos online for a better learning on how to measure volts, amps, and ohm.

Digital multimeter is a common and versatile device where we can measure three electrical units by only using a single device.

Multimeter: the Versatile and Useful Device
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