Best Ways to Maintain Septic System

Caring septic system is not something difficult for homeowners to do. It does not even spend much money. For busy homeowners, sometimes the word “maintenance” makes them restless and imagines something which is tiring and complicated to do. There are important notes related to the maintenance of septic system.

First of all, you need to be aware about some actions and conditions that could lead to septic system failure. Septic system can be broken if it is not located perfectly, designed and installed properly, and maintained adequately. In some cases, solids can also cause troubles if the septic system is blocked by it.

There are easy and effective ways to maintain septic system. What are they?

  • 3 Easy Ways to maintain Septic System

So, there are exactly 3 best ways to maintain septic system. The maintenance should help you to avoid damage, to save more money, and to take care of your health. Most people are not aware that septic system could reduce the value of your house or property. It also requires a lot of money to repair this system.

Septic system failure could contaminate lakes, ground, and streams with viruses, chlorides, bacteria, chemicals, and nitrates. In order to prevent all of those damages, here is the list of things you need to do.

First, you are recommended to pump as well as to inspect the septic system frequently. As homeowners, you should at least inspect this system for at least once in 3 years. If you cannot do that by yourself, you can ask professionals to the inspection.

Commonly, homeowners should pump the septic tanks once in 3 to 5 years. There are four important things that can influence septic pumping frequency, the size of the household, the total of waste from water, the volume of solids, and also the size of the septic tank.

The second thing that you should do is to use water efficiently. Usually, typical single family spends around 70 gallons per person each day. However, if there is a leak or toilet running, you could waste around 200 gallons per day.

If you can control the number of water in the septic system, it would enhance the septic system operation. You can use these simple ways like using high efficiency toilet, be wise in using washing machine, using high efficient faucet as well as showerheads.

Third, you can dispose the water properly. Whatever goes down to pipe from in your toilet will influence the septic system.

  • Some Don’ts!

Ok, here is the fact; there are many homeowners out there who do not care about the cleanness of their toilet. So, they throw everything into the toilet. In this case, as homeowners, you need to be aware that the only things you can throw into the toilet are human waste and toilet paper.

You must never flush oil, flushable wipes, cooking grease, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, cat litter, photographic solutions, paper towels, coffee grounds, pesticides, gasoline, pharmaceutical, paint and thinners.

You need to pay attention to some of other actions like when you park your car. in this case, try not to park your car or even your truck on the septic tank or drain field.

It is also highly recommended for homeowners not to use septic tank additives. Why? The septic tank additives have proven to be harmful. It can block the drain field. You should also think of the chemical ingredients that could harm the ground as well as the surface water.

Well, overall, there are many things that homeowners should pay attention to before the installation of septic system and also after the installation. As homeowners, Caring septic system is a must to avoid troubles.


Cozy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Looking for some living room decorating ideas? Here we give you some tips to decorate a cozy living room. As living room is the most used room by family members and their buddies, hence it should not simply look good but it needs to be cozy as well. Here are some tips for you!

  • Put Tall-Potted Plants

If your living room has high ceiling, placing some tall and voluminous plants in the empty spots or corners will make your living room feels cozier and livelier. Remember to opt for the living plants instead of the dead or fake ones as they will only add colors but not fresh air. Make sure as well to place the plants in the area which receives enough sunlight. Here you can find about decorative items.

  • Two-Toned Wall

For a large living room decorating idea, you can paint the wall in two-toned until some inches away from the ceiling so it will feel a little bit smaller and cozier. You can try another option like adding a warm tone accent wall to boost the cozy feeling.

  • Get Oversized Ottomans

How to make your living room feels warmer and cozier? Adding a soft oversized ottoman is definitely the answer. Ottoman can be the best spot to rest your feet on. Besides, by simply putting a tray onto it, you can alter the ottoman into a coffee table. Last but not least, ottomans can also provide you extra-storage. See? Ottoman is like what every living room needs for!

  • Separate spaces using console tables

Console tables are versatile furniture piece! It does incredible jobs to separate seating arrangements or divide different areas in an open-concept living room. If you want to create more intimate seating area, you can simply push the console tables from the walls.

  • Natural light

You can’t deny that one of the best elements for your living room would be the natural light. You can hang several pretty lamps, but nothing can beat natural light when it comes to making your room cozier and inviting. So the point in living room decoration is keeping your windows uncovered to let the natural light in.

  • Throw Blankets

You can add more cozy feeling to the living room by simply putting some throw blankets in here and there. It splash your living room with more colors, textures and also warmth. Not only the throw blanket can help you get through the chilly air, it can instantly make your guests feel like at home.

  • Bookshelves and Books

There is nothing more comforting than books. If you want the living room feels cozier, placing bookshelves against the wall is definitely a step you can’t skip! After all, bookshelves full of books can be a good decoration to your living room.

  • Hang Personal and Family Photos

It can be a little bit countrified, indeed. But, there’s nothing more inviting and warm than hanging your personal and family photos in the living room. It makes the living room feels more like yours and no way you feel lonely being there.

There are still a lot of tips and ideas to make your living room feels cozy. However, simply doing those living room decorating ideas should have been enough to make your living room warm and cozy.


4 Powerful Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal

There are hundreds ways that you can do to improve your home’s appearance, ranging from the very simple upgrades up to meticulous landscaping project, such as outdoor decorating. The improvements here aim not only to replace your outdated fixtures but also able to add new function in your home as well as add curb appeal.

outdoor lighting

For the result, you will definitely have a great dramatic difference that you will enjoy and appreciate every time you spend your time in your house. One of the ways to put a beautiful outdoor decorating in your home is by adding curb appeal such as in the park.

Below are some ideas of outdoor decorating that can boost your home appearance:

a. Put outdoor lighting

Lights which put along in the entryway not only can be used for welcoming your guests at night but also can highlight the path so that it can increase their safety while walking. Plus, you can also add a soft exterior lighting effect that will add friendly nuance as well as make your home looks more inviting.

One of the recommended lights to be used for outdoor decorating is solar lights which really suits for path and sidewalks as they do not use an extension cords or require running electrical cable, easy to install where you can directly put them in the ground and they do not use any electricity from your house. A common usage of solar lights last for at least 6 hours. You can also improve efficiency for your outdoor decoration.

b. Planting flowers

Other ways that can boost an outdoor decorating in your house is by planting flowers in front of the house, along the sidewalk, or you can also use it to beautify your hanging baskets. It is considered as the most cost-effective ways as well as the easiest way to boost your curb appeal.

If you do not have idea on how to choose your outdoor decorating design with planting flowers, you can also ask for recommendation from the florists while you are buying the flowers.

c. Covering the dead spots

You might experience issue with robust trees in your house. Several problems that may happened with the robust trees are they might leave unseen dead spots in the ground, kill the surrounding grass or might need too much consumption by grabbing nutrients as well as water from the soil.

One of the successful ways to overcome this issue is by planting flowers around the base of tree instead of dealing with a never ending battle to restore the grass. You can boost your entire yard looks become healthier and calmer by covering the dead spots next to the tress.

You may need mulch in order to maintain the moisture of the roots, however, you should not apply it too thickly, or else it can provide a home for pests and suffocate the roots. In order to provide the cover as well as prevent the weeds, you may need around 2 inches of mulch.

d. Cut the trees or other planting that blocks your home looks

It might left useless to have an attractive house looks if it is blocked by tall trees or other planting which surround your house. If you experience the same case as above, then, it is a right time for you to consider cutting back the trees and bushes that makes your house looks dark and uninviting.

In addition, there are several points that may become the reasons why you should cut the trees. First, it may damage your siding. Next, it can also limit the amount of direct sun exposure through the window. If you want to get a warm natural nuance in your house, then having a direct sunlight can get a warm nuance in a natural way.

The next disadvantages of having a long tree with many branches is it can provide the mice, squirrels and other critters to get onto your roof. Thus, it is very beneficial to cut away anything touching your house or covering window that blocks the wonderful sides of your house. This way, you can also have a healthier atmosphere as well as show up the attractive sides of your home to public.

Those are all some recommended ideas of outdoor decorating that you can implement in order to beautify your home appearance.