Sprayed foam home insulation is a popular insulation method rather than the conventional fiberglass batts. The method will provide bigger R-value compared with every inch of the conventional option. However, some problems could happen when sprayed foam insulation isn’t installed appropriately.

Sprayed insulation foam that has been insulated badly can bring problems of moisture, causing insect infestations and also cause irritations to the lungs of anyone who live inside the house.

  • Void Problems

Void is one of common problems happened because of the improper application and covering of sprayed foam home insulation. Ask the Builder stated that the void problems can decrease the R-value of per inch material in great number. Make sure the spray foam insulation is done perfectly without any empty space left.

To get proper application, you should choose professional and experienced contractor that will work well with proper equipment. Don’t try to apply the spray foam by yourself since you don’t have experiences that will possible some problems.

  • Deterioration Problems

This kind of problem commonly happens in older version of spray foam insulation like UFFI (Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation). Such older version can break down and crumble as the running of the time. The soft material of the foam is quite fragile and can be damaged easily during the normal activities in the house.

Besides, UFFI that isn’t integrated well can produce tiny airborne particles that irritate the homeowners’ respiratory. UFFI also could produce gases that are quote dangerous for those who have respiratory illnesses and chemical sensitiveness. However, the newer type of sprayed foam home insulation like Icynene doesn’t easily crumble and it is less hazard for the respiratory system.

  • Insects Problems

The increasing of insect problems like carpenter ants, termites, or other wood eating or boring insects could be the other problem of spray insulation and foam board. The insects can make tunnels easily through the foam materials, moreover if the materials combine with wooden elements for the frames.

To prevent the problem of insect infestation in foam insulation, you should install the physical or chemical insect barrier before the application of the foam. Today, many buildings with foam insulation come with termiticides, termite shields, and also regular maintenance works that will become anti-termite for the building. Those solutions will decrease the possibility of the problems.

  • Moisture Problems

The sprayed foam home insulation can trap the moisture if it isn’t installed correctly. As the result, it leads to molds problems and also encouraging rot. The even application of the foam sheets under the roof or other area can make the water routes eliminated so there are much water that can’t leave the house completely.

The trapped moisture can cause bigger problems after much time. It is better to install open-cell type of spray foam rather than the closed-cell. It will prevent the spray foam from water trapping from leak roof, roof sheathing, and also damaged materials of the frames.

Therefore, make sure you choose the best type and experienced professional to install sprayed foam home insulation.

Problems that could Happen in Sprayed Foam Home Insulation